What’s a PopSocket Grip?


It’s a support accessory for your phone and a chance to show off your style, whenever, wherever.

Just expand to use and collapse to lay flat.

A PopSocket grip allows you to text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops.

It also functions as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly.

If you’re looking for a chance to transform your entire phone experience, you’ve come to the right place.


Product Features 

1. Standard dimensions: 

39.74 mm Diameter X 7 mm Height and 24.25 mm Height  Expanded

( The PopSockets Grip expands twice )

2. Standard colours of the accordion and platform:

Black and  white . 

Custom made colours are available on request . 

3. Button colours: 

Varied prints and designs; according to the chosen theme. 

Custom made  button colours are available on request. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Where should I position a PopSocket Grip on my phone ?

Wherever it feels right on your phone. Some like it higher, while others like it lower. The position/location can be changed over and over again, it will still be as strong as the first time. For iPhone X & iPhone 8/8 Plus users , the enclosed adhesive disc can be repositoned up to three times. When using a large tablet or other smart devices, you can put your PopSocket grip in the middle of the device so that you get the grip you need as well as large enough area to place your full palm on the back for added support

How do I install my new PopSocket Grip?

To install a new PopSocket Grip follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the PopSocket Grip from the package by cutting along the marked line. The line is indicated at the back side of the package.
  2. Make sure that the surface of the phone or phone case is clean and dry.
  3. For iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus users, there is an enclosed adhesive disc to attach to the back of your phone. The disc should be placed on the phone BEFORE attaching the PopSockets Grip.
  4. Place the PopSocket grip firmly to the adhesion area and leave it to rest. For best results let it rest overnight.

How do I distinguish between an Authentic and a Fake PopSocket Grip?

FEATURES OF AN AUTHENTIC POPSOCKET GRIP 1. Frontside packaging Frontside Logo 2. Backside Packaging -The edges are tightly sealed and tamper proof -Feel the engraved PopSockets logo -There is a 10-digit barcode indicated near the far end of the label. The barcode starts with 42978 ***** or 15373***** 3. Inside Packaging Authentic PopSocket will always have a clear transparent cover protecting the special glue gel. You know you have a fake if you see a 3M branded backing on the back of your PopSocket grip. 4. Pop Sound An authentic PopSocket will literally make a 'pop' sound while being extended. It also maintains its shape once extended, providing a sturdy stand. A fake will be flimsy and can collapse in, while using as a stand. 5.PopSockets name and Patent number Authentic PopSocket Grip will have a clear POPSOCKETS.com branding engraved at the base plate of the device. Look for a patent number to know that you have the real deal in your hands. 6. Price If the prices are too low compared to the standard market prices , think twice. You get what you pay for when buying a PopSocket Grip. Why risk your phone or reputation on a defective device? -In case of doubt send a scanned image to mymgeni@mgenienergy.com or WhatsApp +254 720 216 788

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